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Specialized software to help you develop Individual Education Plans

Our software offers a wide variety of specialized comments. These comments cover the main cognitive, social, affective and academic descriptors of students. They are presented in the form of a virtual library that guides and supports your search for solutions for each of your students.
Our software aims to:

  • Recognize the diversity of students’ needs and to offer a statement adapted to each one of them;
  • Draw on an approach where the proposed solutions (means and objectives) are graduated to meet students at their level and to encourage their participation in the application of the Individual Education Plan.

Using the software, you will be able to find efficient and realistic strategies that can have an impact on your students’ academic progress.

A guide that can be adapted to your practices

Although our tool possesses a rich variety of content, it is also flexible enough to let you adapt its statements to your own needs. In fact, you can modify parts of the statements and even add your own, at your convenience. Through our application for organizations, you can even enhance the program exclusively for your colleagues’ use.

This tool was meant to simplify the process for you. Thus the software will automatically sort categories of comments that correspond to your student’s profile and to the goals you selected for him/her. This will enable you to select objectives and means more quickly. Moreover, the comments within each category are listed according to probable frequency of use rather than according to alphabetical order.

A guide to help you optimize your use of this software is also included. This guide provides practical advice for understanding the IEP rubrics and for the preliminary discussions that should be undertaken by the multidisciplinary team prior to finalizing the plan.

You also have access to your IEPs from school or from home at any time via your internet connection. You have complete freedom to choose the moment when you work on refining your plan or on adding more information about the student.

In short, our IEP tool, which is flexible enough to be adapted to your practices, is always available for you whenever you need it.

A unique tool for collaboration

If our online program is a tool that allows participants to work on the IEP independently, our application for organizations is a powerful tool for collaboration that allows all participants to familiarize themselves with and to implement the IEP.

All the teachers and non-teaching professionals can have access to the IEPs anytime, from any place, in read only or in enable editing mode, depending on the level of access granted by the administration.