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Software to facilitate your decision-making

Our software allows you to generate various types of reports appropriate to your school population and to the services you offer.  The software can be programmed to group data from one section of the IEPs or from all of the Individual Education Plans. This grouping enables you to see patterns in your school’s IEP process.

This allows the school administration to see the team’s strengths or to discern areas that need improvement. For example, the administration could see what percentage of a specific objective was attained using a specific resource or by a certain multidisciplinary team. They could examine what type of objectives are frequently attained at their school and which ones are not.

The administration can also determine the percentage of various student profiles or track the students’ difficulties over the years. They can verify tendencies and determine whether something is on the rise or not and make adjustments accordingly.

These types of information provide avenues for reflection and for action by administrators who want to respond more effectively to the needs of students and other IEP participants. In short, the research potential available exclusively to administrators is endless.

Software that facilitates communication and collaboration among participants

Our software enables any IEP participant with an internet connection to access the Individual Education Plan, which fosters optimal communication.

When there is collaboration, you can determine the level of access granted to various participants (teachers and professionals) with regard to individual students or to groups. You can also determine the nature of this access depending on the IEP participant (read only or enable editing mode). You can also allow access to archives.

Our software also enables parents to access finalized Individual Education Plans through the School portal. Since our software is compatible with all service providers (Cobo,Plurilogic,….), the IEP can be sent to external partners in PDF format, which is particularly useful when outside services are needed.

In certain situations, the software allows you to see how many times the IEP has been consulted by relevant school personnel. This function, reserved exclusively for your use, gives you an idea of the extent to which this tool is being applied in class and the extent to which IEP participants are collaborating

To conclude, our software promotes communication among IEP team members by making the plan a dynamic tool that enables everyone working with a child to become familiar with the strategies that have been proposed and to apply them

Software to facilitate IEP management

The software also enables you to have exclusive, unrestricted access (anytime, anywhere) to all the IEPs made at your school. You have quick and easy access to a particular student’s Individual Education Plan or to a class’ IEPs. You can also archive older IEPs (they will appear as PDF documents in this software), which will help you to be proactive and to ensure coherence from one year to the next.


This software also facilitates follow-up with personnel. You can communicate over distances with one or more members of your personnel and refer to a calendar of important dates associated with the Individual Education Plan.

A guide to help you optimize your use of this software is also included. This guide provides practical advice for understanding the IEP rubrics and for preliminary planning and discussion by the multidisciplinary team.

These various functions will complement your existing practices by enabling you to be more involved in the creation and the follow-up of IEPs.