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Specialized software for creating effective Individual Education Plans

This software presents a unique repertoire of specialized comments based on our regular practices for students with specific learning difficulties and severe learning disabilities.


These comments cover the main cognitive, social, affective and academic descriptors of students. Using the database, you will be able to find efficient and realistic strategies that will have an impact on your child’s academic progress.

More specifically, this program will allow you to:

  • Describe all the factors that favour or hinder your child’s  personal and academic development;
  • Choose intervention priorities that your child can attain gradually;
  • Determine the means and strategies that will help your child achieve target objectives and progress academically.

Software that supports your implementation of the Individual Education Plan

In addition to providing rich content, our program is simple, user-friendly and time-saving. The software will automatically sort categories of comments that correspond to the information you provided regarding your child’s profile. This will enable you to select objectives and means more quickly. Moreover, the comments within each category are listed according to probable frequency of use rather than according to alphabetical order.

A guide to help you optimize your use of this software is also included. This guide provides practical advice for understanding the rubrics in the IEP and for the reflection that should be undertaken prior to drafting the plan. Visual support is also available through short video clips that show you how to use the software efficiently.

These details should greatly simplify your research and guide you toward choices that are appropriate to your child’s needs.

Software that follows you everywhere

You can access the IEP site from any place at any time using your internet connection.

Our software also allows you to print the Individual Education Plan that you drew up. Using the plan you created, you can also make a PDF document that can be stored on your own computer.

This allows you to keepIEPs made in this program from one year to the next. An archival system is available for your use. You can also add other documents that you deem relevant (your child’s written assignments, Individual Education Plans from other schools, report cards, other evaluations…). You can rest assured that all this information remains strictly confidential.