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Did you know that?

  • The main difficulties usually associated with the development and implementation of the Individual Education Plan are related to the time management this process requires.

    Cadre de référence pour l’établissement des plans d’intervention, MELS, 2004.

  • A student who participates in the process of identifying his/her strengths and needs and who works toward meeting target goals that are attainable and relevant, will feel more motivated and invested in carrying out the IEP.

    Cadre de référence pour l’établissement des plans d’intervention, MELS, 2004.

  • All studies about perseverance and academic success stress the quality of teacher-student relationships, professional development for teachers and administrative involvement in academic supervision as extremely important factors for student success.

    Archambault, 2006, Chouinard, 2007; Presseau, 2006 et Larose, 2005

  • Several studies demonstrate the value of Explicit Teaching as an effective model of instruction for students with severe learning disabilities.

    Gauthier, Clermont et Al. Quelles sont les pédagogies efficaces? Un état de la recherche, janvier 2005

  • The Vanguard Centre of Expertise’s mission is to share with parents and education professionals Vanguard’s expertise and proven approaches for teaching students with learning disabilities.

What's new?

  • Vanguard School is presently running a major financial campaign. Click on this link to learn about the projects that drive us and that we plan to carry out in the next few years.

  • The most recent data from the Ministry of Education (MEESR). shows that Sec. IV and Sec. V students from the French sector of Vanguard School have once again distinguished themselves with their success, as demonstrated through their 95,7% passing rate on the June 2014 Ministry exams.

    Résultats aux épreuves uniques de juin 2014. MELS. Novembre 2014.